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We’re a group of car enthusiasts promoting car culture. 

• We have a website and social media accounts that promote an inclusive hub for car culture in the Okanagan Valley and beyond and maintain a presence at most car events.  

• We have our own merchandise to help promote the car culture and provide services at events that include photography and video.

• We host some events and attend a good amount of car events including shows, cruises and local show and shines.

• Our goal is to educate, entertain and create a positive environment for the car community.

• Our website and social media accounts are leveraged to educate and inform enthusiasts of events, share historical and educational tidbits and spread newsworthy photos and stories.

• We produce our own show, “On the Road with CTO”, hosted by Anna-Marie Eckhart an Edward Kriger, which is entertaining and educational on what goes on in the Okanagan, South Okanagan, Similkimeen, Kootenays and Shuswap Thompson regions.

• Check out our website for the calendar of events, buy and sell services and visit our social media accounts to find pictures and updates on events


Cruising The Okanagan



Information coming soon

The CTO Vision

Information coming soon

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